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Wunna Chill? – Norfolk Island’s Airport Lounge

Wunna Chill? – Norfolk Island’s Airport Lounge


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The last minute dash to get to the airport is pretty common the world over. Norfolk is no different in that regard, and despite the laid back pace of the island, there will always be repeated pre-flight ‘Do I have my passport?’ checks, packing the last of the damp swimming costumes – still not quite dried from a final dip in Emily Bay – and squeezing those last minute island-gifts into your struggling suitcase.

This is often followed by a wonderful calm that falls upon you once that bulging case has finally been weighed at the counter, labelled, and loaded onto the carousel. The only thing to do at this point is sit back, relax, reflect on your fantastic Norfolk Island experience, and try not to lose your boarding pass.

Norfolk Islander Rick Robertson and partner Cathy Thomas saw an opportunity to embrace that period between seeing your baggage float off down the carousel to greet you at your final destination (hopefully), and queuing up to board the aircraft. Just across the road from the airport you’ll find their new ‘Wunna Bar & Lounge’ – a relaxing lounge area and ideal place to enjoy your last Norfolk Island holiday moments

Rick Tells us: “We had a great space opposite the airport and saw the need for a Qantas Club inspired lounge available to everyone as we wanted visitors to the island to leave on a relaxed and positive note. A last hurrah before heading back to reality.”

Wunna offers the visitor comfortable seating (indoor and outdoor), cold beers, soft drinks, bubbles, wine and top shelf spirits and mixers, as well as gourmet toasted sourdough sandwiches served with house pickle and garlic aioli dipping sauce. The Lounge has free high speed wi-fi and bathroom amenities. Original artworks from local and international artists hang on the walls, and a relaxed music playlist creates just the right amount of chilled atmosphere.

Visitors and locals alike have been making the most of this new space and enjoying the food and drink options available. In real terms Wunna Bar & Lounge is located less distance away than you’d expect to walk in a larger city terminal, so it an easy stroll to head on over and chill out while you wait for your aircraft boarding time. Rick and Cathy keep everyone informed of the aircraft progress using Flight Aware, and the Airline makes sure to notify any changes to the schedule.

Wunna Bar & Lounge is literally just across the road from the airport so passengers can see (and hear) arriving aircraft taxiing to the terminal. From there visitors have time to finish up their drinks and head over to  the departure area at the airport – not unlike heading to your gate in Brisbane or Sydney really! If you have a little ‘island-time’ left and like a little relaxation before boarding your flights, then Wunna Lounge is definitely worth adding to your pre-flight checklist.


Wunna Lounge is located opposite the Airport terminal and is open for every departing Qantas flight (March 2024)


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