Discover Norfolk


Volume 4 Issue 2

First Published: February 2021

Cover photo: Cemetery Bay, Norfolk Island – Robin Nisbet 


Welcome to Discover Norfolk, Volume 4 Issue 2 – Norfolk Island’s most comprehensive and freely distributed visitor magazine.

Culture, history, tradition, religion, and celebration are shared through food and cuisine around the globe. Norfolk Island is no different and the island’s unique location and geology, as well as the traditions, recipes and cooking methods brought by the Pitcairn Islanders in 1856 continue to tell us stories and define island-diets. Norfolk’s vibrant and tasty produce is always worth highlighting in Discover Norfolk, and so this publication has a ‘foodie’ feel and all the right ingredients for a fantastic read.

In this issue you can enjoy a series of interesting articles and features beginning with a piece by Maree Evans from the Norfolk Island Museum. Maree revisits the rehousing of HMS Sirius artefacts in their very own HMS Sirius Museum as the venue approaches its tenth birthday. The HMS Sirius article may appear to be one that has no direct connection with food in this issue, but that’s most certainly not the case. HMS Sirius wrecked on Kingston’s reef in 1790 while on a desperate voyage to move convicts and marines from Port Jackson to Norfolk Island to relieve pressure on a starving Sydney. The ship was then supposed to travel to China to obtain supplies but of course that mission ended on Norfolk and caused a food crisis for the island’s inhabitants. The more you read about Norfolk Island, the more you will discover that each of Norfolk’s settlements, and many of its stories, are defined by food and resources. 

Later in the publication Jenny Jauczius takes a zesty look at the history of Norfolk Island Lemons, and in Helmsfolk’s ‘Finding Flinders & the Norfolk Gin (Part 2)’ article we look at what happens when those lemons are exported and distilled in a unique Norfolk-inspired gin. In addition, we learn a little about two of Norfolk’s fantastic restaurants: The Boatshed and The Homestead Restaurant.

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I hope you enjoy discovering beautiful Norfolk Island.

Robin Nisbet
Editor – Discover Norfolk


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