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One of the unique and charming things about Norfolk Island is its remoteness, but for business owners this can sometimes present logistical ‘challenges’ for moving goods. Only a short flight for travelling passengers makes Norfolk a desirable Pacific getaway, but that same flight can be tricky for frozen and perishable goods. 

The long established Sweeties has always been famous on Norfolk Island for its old-world charm. Step into Sweeties and you will be captivated by its selection of treats, cleverly presented in a shop that has been made to make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. It’s a sweetie shop from your childhood memories, with a delectable selection of locally-made and imported goodies.

Owners Raewyn and Andrew Maxwell have operated the business for over 20 years and have run the gauntlet of freight logistics to Norfolk Island many times. They know only too well that a key to success here is flexibility and willingness to adapt – it’s simply part of island-life. 

As well as their extensive range of chocolates and sweets, Raewyn had always made ice cream at Sweeties to compliment an imported range from New Zealand, but she was forced to re-think when disrupted flight services during Covid changed her supply chain options.  Raewyn’s frozen ice cream supplies from New Zealand simply melted away and the pair were faced with a chilly challenge. 



And so in the spirit of Norfolk Island’s resourceful nature – born from centuries of having to simply find solutions – Raewyn and Andrew turned a frosty freight problem into a flavoursome opportunity to expand their ice cream range.

Building on their already extensive knowledge of sweet flavours and recipes, Raewyn and Andrew began to craft a full range of their own, and before long their rotating menus of options included everything from a staple favourite Vanilla to Lime and Coconut, and even Chai and Lemon Meringue. 

Raewyn is in charge of the ice cream crafting while Andrew makes each waffle cone by hand. It’s a long job, especially considering they also make a full range of hand-crafted chocolates, but when you find yourself at Sweeties you’ll understand why they find it so rewarding. 

Located right in the heart of Burnt Pine at the roundabout, you’ll often see happy customers perched on the bench outside racing the melting rate of their ice creams with a cheeky smile. That smile comes from the immediate transportation to the happy childhood memories that only a fresh homemade ice-cream and waffle cone can deliver. Make sure you put it on your itinerary… At least 2 or 3 times.


Sweeties & The Chocolate Factory’s Homemade Ice cream range varies weekly and includes a selection of: Passionfruit with ginger, Chocolate ,Cookie Monster, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lime and Coconut, Strawberry, Hokey Pokey, Unicorn (yep, that’s right!), Rum and Raisin, Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Expresso, Blood Orange and Chocolate Chip, Liquorice, Chai and Lemon Meringue… To name a few! 


Image Credit: Visualisation by Robin Nisbet


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