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Norfolk Island has had an administrative head since the first British settlement commenced in 1788. In the 235 years since Philip Gidley King landed at Kingston there have been over 70 Administrative heads of the island. Originally titled ‘Lieutenant-Governor’ from 1788 – 1814, administrative heads were ‘Commandants’ in the second British settlement era from 1825 to 1855. From 1856 to 1896 they were known as ‘Chief Magistrate’ and from 1896 to the present day the island’s administrative head has been known as the ‘Administrator’.

The island’s notorious second British settlement period was a harsh and often unimaginable penal era headed by no less than 13 Commandants. Unlucky? Well, in the most part, yes. 

On Baunti Tours’ ‘The Commandant’s Dinner and Show’ you can experience a factual yet fun theatre dinner which is an entertaining  way to learn about some of darkest periods in Norfolk’s history. The cast of actors, with whom you will be dining, will take you on an enthralling journey back in time to hear the Commandants’ stories and learn how convicts were really treated by both the sadists and the reformers. 

This is an immersive dinner experience where you will listen to a chilling account of one of the island’s infamous rebellions and marvel at how the Commandants and their families adapted to life in the Norfolk Island penal colony and recreated a little piece of England in the Pacific. Explore their great challenges, impressive successes and some of their shameful secrets too. 

You will be treated to a special three course dinner menu of traditional English fare to compliment the theatrical setting.  Hearty, wholesome, British ‘tucker’ fit for a Commandant and his good lady wife! Fortunately your dinner will be prepared by free people in a modern kitchen, and not by poor convicts over a wood stove!

The Commandant’s Dinner & Show is a night of great entertainment, delectable food and loads of humour – but it’s not
for the faint hearted!


Baunti Tours has over 20 years in the touring industry on Norfolk Island. Formerly known as Baunti Escapes, they pride themselves on providing a high level of service to all Norfolk Island visitors with their expert knowledge, experienced and friendly guides, and great selection of tour options designed to showcase the best Norfolk Island has to offer. 

Baunti Tours: The Commandant’s Dinner & Show is available for bookings now. Wednesday’s at 6.30pm. For more information or to book call into Baunti Tours Booking Office on Taylors Road, or contact: Ph. +6723 23693, visit online: or email reservations:


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