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Norfolk Art and Lone Pine

Norfolk Art and Lone Pine

Emily Bay’s ‘Lone Pine’ appears in some of Norfolk’s earliest paintings – almost unchanged from the way it looks today. It has kept its silent vigil for centuries; a marker for long ago Polynesian wayfarers. It saw the first Europeans – convicts and pioneers – come and go, and then watched the second brutal penal settlement begin and end. Finally, it witnessed the arrival of the Bounty descendants, from Pitcairn, in 1856.

This iconic tree has been sketched and photographed by countless admirers, and local artist Adam Jauczius (pronounced ‘Yow-chus’) has also fallen under its spell. Since moving here in 2005 Adam has painted Lone Pine’s many moods; a triptych shows the same view, on the same day, with afternoon passing to dusk and then to night. He’s also depicted the tree as a stark guardian; a mist-shrouded apparition and a sunset silhouette.

Adam’s paintings convey his obsession with Norfolk’s ancient sentinel and the everchanging light and weather – which isn’t surprising – as he’s also worked as a Bureau of Meteorology Technician for 41 years.

He explains: “I go to the beach most days to enjoy the beauty of Emily Bay. I’m inspired by lots of Norfolk scenes, but something brings me back, time and again, to Lone Pine. People say I do ‘portraits of landscape’, and that’s a huge compliment because capturing the spirit of a beloved place is very important to me.”

He opened Norfolk Art in 2017 to showcase his vibrantly realistic artworks, high quality prints and cards. Please visit Adam’s gallery to see these gorgeous pictures; his artistic career also includes eleven solo exhibitions, group displays, commissions, two books, six Archibald entries, a stamp series and numerous awards.


Image Credits: Norfolk Art


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