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The touring landscape on Norfolk Island is wonderfully diverse. There is a plethora of touring options covering all aspects of the island’s multi-faceted history, culture, food, industry, modern day living and more. One unique touring option to have made its way on the scene is Pinetree Tours’ new ‘Women of Norfolk Tour’.

On this tour you’ll join Pinetrees’ to learn the captivating stories of some of the exceptional women who have played a pivotal role in helping to shape Norfolk Island’s history.

Pinetree Tours trace the remarkable journeys of four significant women on this three hour bus tour, beginning with Olivia Gascoigne.  Olivia was an English women sentenced to death by hanging for robbery in the 18th century. She escaped the death penalty and her sentence was commuted. She was transported on board the Lady Penryn from England as part of the First Fleet in 1788. Olivia then travelled to Norfolk Island on board the Supply with Philip Gidley King as one of the islands first convict settlers only weeks after the First Fleet arrived at Port Jackson. Olivia’s story only gets more remarkable from here, and carries on to settlement in Sydney and Van Diemen’s Land many years later.

Aunt Selina Buffet’s story begins in 1856 as one of the youngest passengers on board the Morayshire from Pitcairn Island to Norfolk Island. Selina arrived on Norfolk at just 4 months old and lived for the first 87 years of the Pitcairner era. During her lifetime the Pitcairners adjusted to life on Norfolk Island and Selina would witness the island’s first industries, their challenges, struggles and successes. Selina lived long enough to see the airport runway being built in WWII and the first aircraft arrive. She was a strong woman of enduring influence who loved her Tahitian culture and heritage dearly, and had many stories to share.



Marie-Anne Bailey, was a true visionary, trailblazer and the pioneer of Norfolk Island’s Tourism Industry. Born in 1926 Marie can trace her lineage to Fletcher Christian of the mutiny on the Bounty. Marie had an indelible love of her island home and saw an opportunity to grow the Tourism Industry in the decades following WWII and the arrival of regular air services to the island. She was instrumental in helping other islanders open their homes and gardens to share their wonderful heritage and culture to visitors. She was a passionate gardener, a talented sportswomen and travelled extensively where she would always promote her beloved island home.

Colleen McCullough is perhaps the most well-known of the four ladies highlighted on this tour. Colleen was an Australian born writer that would become one of the most celebrated authors of her time. Her second novel ‘The Thorn Birds’ sold over 30 million copies. Colleen fell in love with Norfolk and moved to the island in 1980. She married islander Ric Robinson and they lived in her island home ‘Out Yenna’ for 35 years. Colleen was celebrated for her literary accomplishments and fervent advocacy for Norfolk Island, and she remained a steadfast champion of Norfolk’s rights until her death in 2015.

So, to discover more, walk in the footsteps of these extraordinary women and hear their stories with Pinetree Tours. Pinetree Tours have been operating for over 40 years and their tours range from the fun and frivolous to the more historically centred outings. So, whether you are wanting to dress up as a convict for the Night as a Convict dinner or delve a little deeper into the many layers of Kingston’s history – their expert team are here to help. After all, ‘they’ve got Norfolk covered!’



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